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With over 18 years of experience as a Certified Head Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Cayden Riley boasts a remarkable journey of guiding numerous individuals towards physical transformations. Among his diverse clientele, Cayden has coached Pro athletes, TV Stars, esteemed Medical Physicians, Physique competitors, as well as everyday enthusiasts striving for fitness excellence. His expertise spans Weight loss, Sports Training, Rehabilitation exercise, and Strength training.


Furthermore, Cayden assumes the role of a Producer for Joe Weider's renowned Mr. Olympia BodyBuilding & Fitness event, while also contributing as a Producer for NPC, NPC Worldwide, and IFBB Pro League events held across the globe.

Cayden's operational hub is the Fit Gym, situated in Glendora, California, where his passion and expertise continue to drive individuals towards their fitness aspirations.

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